Adult Classes
Our professional native speaking instructors use the WORLDWIDE's own copyrighted courses to walk you through the beginning to advanced levels of your language using a direct, communicative and practical approach.

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Child Classes
Classes are structured so that the students change activities approximately every twenty minutes. These scheduled activities include circle time with music, songs and a themed learning activity, story time, outdoor play, craft and written activity.
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Corporate Classes
As you make phone calls, conduct interviews, and participate in excursions to companies that conduct their operations in the target language, you will find yourself actually interacting with native speakers as you continue to improve your proficiency.
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Child Classes
Saturday Spanish Classes:
Low monthly tuition of $95.00 includes instruction, snack and art activity. Children will participate in exciting basic Spanish courses and will learn to understand as well as use simple conversational structures, participate in games, order at a real restaurant and even make telephone calls ...all ‘en español!’ Group 1: 4- 7 years of age Group 2: 8-12 years of age
Summer and Holiday Language Camp

One week camps during which students spend three hours per day for five days having fun in Spanish or in French! Class activities include music, art, crafts, games, vocabulary and much more…. all in the target language!! Camps are scheduled during Christmas, Spring Break and all through the summer months. Camp fee is $185.00 per week Group 1: 4-7 years of age Group 2: 8-12 years of age

Language Tutoring

If your child is experiencing difficulty in elementary, middle, high school or university level foreign language courses, WORLDWIDE LANGUAGES has the solution. Professional customized tutoring programs help students with their foreign language school work, providing reinforcement and review of pertinent material in any language! $30.00 per hour

Private Instruction

Children interested in a more structured and intense program can enroll in a private program consisting of three levels or 120 classroom hours of instruction. In this program, students are taken through beginning, intermediate and advanced courses and will participate in excursions, telephone calls, personal interviews as part of this very intensive and practical language acquisition curriculum. WORLDWIDE LANGUAGES has offered quality and comprehensive language instruction services to adults and children for nearly twenty years.We offer an alternative approach to language “teaching” by fostering language acquisition, rather than learning, and by utilizing a communicative approach. Students in the after school and in school programs engage in learning music, songs, crafts, games and other skills and activities— ¡en español!- (or other target language)- rather than focus on ‘learning the structure’ of the language. As a result they will be acquiring skills and structures painlessly and while they are enjoying themselves! Classes are structures so that the students change activities approximately every twenty minutes. These scheduled activities include circletime with music, songs and a themed learning activity, story time, outdoor play, craft and written activity. The written activity will usually be in the ARCO IRIS student workbook which each student will receives as part of their enrollment. One hour into the class, students break for a snack, and then class.

Group Instruction

WORLDWIDE has been offering in-school language teaching services since 1987. Schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels subcontract WORLDWIDE to provide foreign language classes as part of their regular in-school curriculum complete with teachers, books, tests, classroom props, and grading as per the school’s own grading policies. WORLDWIDE teachers blend into the host school’s learning environment and quickly become part of the academic program. Our teachers adhere to the school’s personnel policies and work under the direct supervision of the school administration. They receive their pay through WORLDWIDE LANGUAGES, and should the teacher not be able to work on a particular day, substitute teachers are the responsibility of WORLDWIDE LANGUAGES. WORLDWIDE also provides the same service for child care centers and preschools. Teachers bring in their materials and teach twenty five or thirty minute classes twice a week per class of students at the host school. They provide grades and/or progress reports as required by the host school and are always available to make contact with parents, as may be requested by the host school. WORLDWIDE LANGUAGES has an array of instructional services for children, too! These include ongoing Saturday Spanish classes throughout the year, summer and holiday language camps, language tutoring for students at all school levels, and private classes.

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