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Interpretation Services - Military

Worldwide Languages has been providing interpretation/translation services to different branches of the American Armed Forces in a variety of languages. Our skilled and professional interpreters can contribute with Interpretation in:

• Military drills in real time, domestic or abroad
• Humanitarian missions conducted in foreign countries
• Peace Keeping Operations (PKO) conducted in foreign countries
• Domestic/abroad Training programs with foreign military personnel
• Special visits of military foreign delegations and/or dignitaries

Our interpreters are highly trained to conduct these types of interpretations under the absolute confidentiality required and expected.

WWL interpreters are well versed in military terminology and work with military interpreters on a regular base to maintain an up to date training on military subjects. Military Interpretation services are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Pashto, Dari, Urdu, Chinese, Somali, Hindi, and Korean among other languages.

WWL can also train military personnel involved in intelligence, counterintelligence, interrogation, collection, recording, interpretation, and dissemination of intelligence information or information in general. Our interpreters have also experience with military courts dealing with civil employees.

WWL is part of the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) and is in compliance with WAWF training and procedures.

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