Our Program

Language research tells us that no matter the age, all of us learn our second (or third or fourth!) language the same way we learn our first language.
At Worldwide Languages we have fine tuned our program over the last 30+ years to mirror that language process as closely as possible. The result is a dynamic and engaging program based on solid language research, that emphasizes auditory comprehension and oral production rather than direct grammar instruction and written drills.

Our Program

How we do it

What does this mean for you?

This means students get to spend less time stuck in a book or app memorizing tedious grammar rules and verb conjugations, and more time engaging with the community directly and with quicker results! Think: small groups, excursions, interviews with native speakers, student presentations on relevant topics, spontaneous conversation and any opportunity to use the language in a natural, relevant context. Did we mention the restaurant visits?

Who is this course for?

Casual learners
Working professionals
Bilingual/multilingual families & heritage learners
Learners with little access to native speakers
Those looking for an alternative to pocket apps and traditional programs
Anyone wishing to truly *speak* another language

works for all ages and all levels

produces quick results!
completely customizable
engaging and dynamic classroom experience

How it works

We offer customizable classes to all levels from true beginners to the most advanced, but we’ve found that most of our students fall somewhere in our levels 1, 2 and 3. These 3 levels make up our core program and are offered it in 15+ languages and growing!

Step 1 Pick a language:

Pick a language: WWL offers face to face and remote language courses in Spanish, English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Russian, French, and many more languages. Check with a WWL rep for availability and schedule!

Step 2: Select a level:

students can schedule a remote or face-to-face language assessment free of charge in any of the languages offered. Beginners and those wanting to start at level 1 require no assessment (link to schedule an assessment)

Step 3: Pick your style :

Classes are available (depending on the language) in group classes (4-7 students), or as private, semi-private, and corporate instruction. (graphic)(additional info on each style of class available if space allows)

Step 4: Get Started!

Get registered for prescheduled class here (link) or speak with a WWL to set up your customized course. Once you’re registered we will contact you to get you set up.


Other services

Formal language assessment reports for employers & industry professionals

Face-to-face and online tutoring services for grades k-12 and university level language courses

Customizable industry specific courses such as medical, industrial, legal, and more. Available in face-to-face classroom instruction and online.

ACTFL OPIc language proficiency test

Citizenship preparation classes

Accent reduction

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