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Job Duties: International Public Relations Director – San Antonio, TX 

  • Develops, implements, and oversee communication and media relations initiatives.
  • Develop and implements company promotions at the domestic and international level. Serve as project manager for interpretation events and translation projects.
  • Prepare and respond to digital and printed communications with client, potentials clients, and government entities.
  • Develop relationships with domestic and international agencies requiring translation and or interpretation services.
  • Oversee telephonic interpretation services and troubleshoot.
  • Monitor exiting translation projects or interpretations events in order to convey the abilities of the company to potential clients.
  • Oversees the preparation and dissemination of press release, ensuring diplomatic and cultural sensitivity.
  • Direct representation of company’s positive organization image to the general public, customers, stakeholders, as well as domestic and international communities served by same.
  • Oversight of translation and interpretation service providers to ensure quality of work reflects favorably on the company.

The minimum education requirement for the position of International Public Relations Director is a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or marketing. The individual filling this position must have a solid theoretical background in public relations, communications, or marketing. The background is only gained by completion of university level coursework in communication, marketing, public relations, theory and practice of social media, digital media productions, intercultural communications, language and communication theory, and similar subjects.

  • Two years of work experience required.


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